SGI Auto eClaim registration is a fast and easy way to file your auto claim and book a vehicle damage appraisal appointment with SGI online anytime. Auto eClaim is now mobile friendly, allowing you to select a desktop or mobile-optimized version of the service.

If you prefer register your claim by speaking with SGI, dial a claim at 1-800-667-9779.

When not to use this service

  • To report an injury claim.

  • If your vehicle's windshield was broken by thrown objects from another vehicle.

Before you start

It will take approximately 15 to 45 minutes to complete an online claim, depending on the complexity of your claim. At any time during your claim, you can save the information and return later to complete using the claim number provided.  The following claims process helps to ensure reporting your claim and booking appointments goes as easily as possible. Out-of-province collisions have a different claims process.

Existing claims

Questions regarding an existing claim should be made to the claims center where you filed your claim. The adjuster assigned to your claim will be able to deal with any questions you may have.

Exchange information

Make sure you have information regarding the other driver involved in the collision.

Get the other driver's:

  • name

  • customer number

  • license plate number

When to inform the police

You must report the collision to the police if any of the following circumstances apply:

  • the collision results in injury or death

    • If there are injuries, you must also report the collision to one of our injury claims offices and follow the Auto Injury Claims Process.

  • it's a hit and run

  • a driver is impaired

  • any of the vehicles involved have to be towed from the scene

  • the collision involves a vehicle that does not have a valid license plate or is an out-of-province vehicle

  • loss or damage to your vehicle caused by:

    • vandalism

    • malicious damage

    • theft or attempted theft

File your claim

To file your claim, you can:

  • file online with Auto eClaim

    • glass repairs (except windshields) - glass claims for back and side glass can be filed with Auto eClaim

    • windshield repairs - your auto glass repair shop will file directly to SGI on your behalf

    • If your vehicle isn't safe to drive, we'll arrange to have it towed to the nearest repair or storage facility.

  • call SGI’s Dial-A-Claim service at a claims center during normal office hours 1-800-667-9779

Have the following ready when reporting your claim:

  • your driver's licence

  • your vehicle registration

  • your Auto Pak policy number - if you have one

  • all the information collected from the other party involved in the collision

You will be assigned a claims adjuster to manage your claim.

The Saskatchewan Statute of Limitations requires that repairs be completed within 2 years of the incident. However, SGI recommends reporting your claim as soon as possible to avoid any possible disputes over the extent of damage caused at the time of loss.

Get a damage estimate

After submitting your claim, you need to have the damage assessed by an appraiser who will closely examine the damage and then prepare a damage/repair estimate.

The damage estimate may be completed by either an:

  • Accredited Repair Shop (if eligible)

    • Have the damage estimate completed at the same shop that repairs your vehicle, saving you time.

    • Your SGI adjuster will tell you if you’re eligible when you report your claim.

    • Only Elite and Select accredited repair shops offer damage estimates.

  • SGI Claims Center

    • Have the damage estimate completed at the SGI claims center most convenient for you.

Once the appraisal (damage estimate) is done, you’ll receive a printout with the cost of repairs for your vehicle. You'll need this estimate and your claims adjuster will need to confirm your insurance coverage before you can have the vehicle repaired.

Total loss vehicles

If your vehicle cannot be repaired, your adjuster will advise you of the process for a total loss vehicle.  Fabian’s Auto Body can provide a second opinion if SGI has deemed your vehicle a write off.

Have your vehicle repaired

Repairs must be completed within 2 years from the date of loss. It's a good idea to complete repairs as soon as possible to avoid any deterioration or further damage to the vehicle especially those that may affect its safe operation. Damage to headlights, tail lights, tires, wheels, etc., should be repaired as soon as possible.

Repair shop accreditation

SGI has a rating system for its accredited repair shops and has accredited more than 200 collision repair facilities throughout Saskatchewan. All accredited repairers are required to meet or exceed the highest levels of equipment, certification and training and must warranty the repair for a minimum of 1 year (Fabian’s Auto Body offers a lifetime guarantee).

SGI continuously monitors accredited collision repair facilities and awards accreditation levels annually based on performance, with 3 star Elite status being awarded to top performers. While all accredited repair shops are capable of providing customers with quality repairs and services, some shops offer more additional services and convenience, and are recognized accordingly.

Vehicle rentals

The cost of a rental vehicle is covered if:

  • You're not at fault for the collision and you require a replacement vehicle, providing the at-fault driver's insurance coverage is in order;

  • You have an SGI CANADA Auto Pak and your vehicle was stolen or the collision was with an animal or bird. You are automatically provided with coverage of $50 a day to a $750 (25 day) maximum; or

  • You have an SGI CANADA Auto Pak and have selected the optional coverage for "loss of use of vehicle" due to other causes, such as damage from collision, weather, etc.